Carolina: Cruising Past 70: WOW: Loving the Night Life in Manila!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WOW: Loving the Night Life in Manila!

Mall of Asia at night, from our car
‘I love the night life…I love to boogie…’ so goes the song. And, though it’s most appropriate in the Manila night scene (my gang and I used to roam Ermita, the tourist district up to the wee hours of Saturday mornings), Bill and I are more subdued on this trip.  But we still thoroughly loooooved it. All you night owls will, too! Being the call center capital of the world, Manila is buzzing with activity 24x7.

Savannah Moon dance floor
It’s disco for the young, but for us sexygenarians…it’s ballroom dancing fever. My dear friend Ann’s nth birthday celebration was an exclusive Birthday Milonga at the favorite hangout of Manila’s Argentine tango elite enthusiasts, Savannah Moon in Eastwood City. It was good they played some disco, rock n roll, swing, and Latin music so Bill and I were able to dance our night away!

World Pyromusical Competition at MOA 
At the famous Mall of Asia (third largest in the world, after 2 huge ones in China), the 2nd World Pyromusical Competition (fireworks synchronized with music) was held. You should have seen the nightscapes glittering with entries from Australia and the Philippines (as host, not an entry). 2 countries were on display every Saturday evening and we were fortunate to have caught the last one!  Most of Manila must have been there and what ordinarily took us 30 minutes from the condotel to MOA took almost 3 hours. Lesson learned.

we were two of the millions watching
Contrast this to the quiet and elegant evening at gracious and elegant Nina Halley’s posh loft at Ritz Towers on Ayala Avenue, the main artery of the upscale part of the financial district of Metro Manila, Makati. We had wine and baked oysters on her veranda with a fantastic view of Manila by night.  Her buffet table was crowned by Spanish-infuenced cocido (beef stewed with plantain bananas, green  beans and cabbage, eaten with mashed roasted eggplants with plenty of garlic), baked pompanos, red egg salad, and lumpia shanghai (our tiny egg rolls). Brewed Batangas coffee, herbal tea with honey and cinnamon, and good dessert wine kept us company to the wee hours of the morning at her coffee room!
the view from Nina's veranda

Contrast this further to the noisy and informal sidewalk Thai restaurant that my beautiful daughter April loves to patronize.  Authentic Thai dishes are served at reasonable prices on red Monobloc tables and chairs while cars occasionally drove on the road between  the house where the meals are cooked and the sidewalk.  Just across the fence on the other side is another upscale section of Makati, Rockwell.

Bollywood, here we come!
I may have time to write about them later but we have already scheduled fine dining experiences at Burgos Circle, a new place in The Global City which is fast becoming the new business district to replace Makati.  And a dinner/fashion statement at Bollywood the in-Indian restaurant where my amigas and I will wear our new saris brought home by Dittas direct from Colombo, Sri Lanka where she is a consultant/CEO at an IT company.

photo show at the mall
Watching movies is also fashionably up-to-date with three theaters offering lazy-boy recliner chairs and flowing drinks and popcorn or whatever you may want to order.   We have been to one but we have also scheduled another which is supposed to have love recliners…for two! Another favorite past time are karaoke sessions in music lounges where you can book a room for a private party. With the Filipinos’ penchant for music, you had better book in advance or be content with Sunday afternoons when they are relatively free.

hanging out at Greenbelt Park
Then there are the parks! You already know that we are housed next to one, Greenbelt Park where we just chanced upon a photography show with free drinks one night. Our favorite hangout is also there, Felix, which serves all drinks at 50% off from 4-11 PM!  For coffee, you can choose between Seattle’s Best and Starbucks both fronting the green oasis at the middle where there is a stage that is used for mini-concerts. Evening masses at the open dome church is also cooler than morning or afternoon masses.

home away from the RV
There is really no dull moment at Manila by night. Whether you want more action like dancing or just simply watch concerts (Don McClean just had a concert in February and Justin Bieber is scheduled this month) you can find it here. For those who looooove the night life, Manila is definitely a place to be! And home is just right where the action is!