Carolina: Cruising Past 70: Wow: Picking our Top 10s from Our Travels!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wow: Picking our Top 10s from Our Travels!

we have chosen the city of Phoenix as our winter haven

Bill and I have been to 49 American states cruising in an RV. This January, while I am finishing my book and Bill is helping his son finish his office building, we agreed to vote on our Top 10s! Often we have been asked the question, ‘What are the best places you’ve seen?’ As usual, I developed a matrix to make our final selections. Most of the criteria centered on three: things to see, places to eat, and things to do.  We voted independently, in separate states, may I add, combined our scores electronically, and came up with the following lists:

Top 10 States to Visit

1.       Arizona
2.       Pennsylvania
3.       New York
4.       Massachusetts
5.       Maine
6.       California
7.       Florida
8.       Virginia
9.       North Carolina
10.     New Mexico

Obviously, we love history and nature!

Top 5 National Parks

1.       Yosemite National Park
2.       Grand Tetons National Park
3.       Glacier National Park
4.       Great Smokey Mountain National Park
5.       Yellowstone National Park
6.       Acadia National Park

In 19 years, Glacier will have lost all its glaciers, so this list will become 5!

Top 5 SMSAs to Live in as a Winter Haven

1.       Phoenix
2.       Tampa
3.       Orlando
4.       Tucson
5.       San Diego

That is why we are snow birding in Phoenix!

Top 5 SMSAs to Live in As a Summer Haven

1.       San Francisco
2.       Seattle
3.       New York City
4.       Boston
5.       Philadelphia

We left our heart in San Francisco

Top 5 SMSAx to Live in Year-Long

1.       San Diego
2.       Las Vegas
3.       Savannah
4.       Albuquerque
5.       Phoenix

You will notice that Phoenix made two lists and Arizona even made it to the top states list so we have decided to make the city our winter haven for Stage 4 and just make trips to other parts of the world or visits to our kids and siblings from there. It may even be our eventual Stage 5 (nesting) home!