Carolina: Cruising Past 70: OLA: Having Three Times a Lady One More Time!

Monday, August 5, 2013

OLA: Having Three Times a Lady One More Time!

Claudine, Carol, and Krishna
My dashing Bill came back on July 29 at 6:30 PM fresh from another Alaska experience with daughter Cristine, her husband Mitch, and her son and Bill’s first grandchild Kyle who arrived from Hawaii. He immediately attended to the to-dos of bringing our new Canadian car into the US: a compliance letter from GM, the paperwork from the dealer to get temporary papers to get to the border and a temporary trip ticket from Idaho and Washington to pass through these states before getting the full registration in Washington. Plus further testing of the car for any troubles not revealed during the hasty purchase.

Krishna, 21
Because my knight has arrived, I am once again a lady, dyeing my hair, putting on a bit of make-up, dressing up a bit, etc. Meanwhile, my daughter Claudine’s body is returning to normal, becoming the definite lady of the house, preparing menus, picking up groceries, and prettifying the house in addition to taking care of Kai. But the great news is that a third lady has come to visit! My eldest granddaughter, Trisha’s daughter, and Claudine’s goddaughter Krishna arrived from Seattle on Aug. 1.

We now have three times a lady for Krishna is another one! Claudine was a convenient second Mom at the time when she and Trisha were still teenagers and I was, as usual then, the provider, the man of the house. When Krishna was 10, she migrated to the US with Trisha and sister Yeye to join Deejay. She soon plunged into the misadventures of an American teenager. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we found each other in Calgary when Enzo was born. And now, under better circumstances, we find each other again with Kai!

Krishna and Kai
dimsum lunch at T-Pot
Now, she has graduated from the Gene Juarez Beauty Academy in Seattle and passed the State Board Exams. Ready to take on a career, she will relocate to Los Angeles City in two weeks. This visit is Claudine’s farewell of sorts, launching her to another phase in her life, when, hopefully freedom begets responsibility. Then she drives with us to Seattle for her despedida and farewell camping with her immediate family. What great moments to be part of!

Halo-halo and San Miguel beer at Pacific Hut
Bubblemania wings and tea
Her visit consisted of lots of eating out: dimsum lunch at T-Pot, bubble tea and chicken wings at Bubblemania, Filipino comfort food in Pacific Hut, and great pizzas in Famoso. But we also had plenty of eating in: shrimp scampi with pasta in Alfredo sauce, baked beef lasagna with garlic bread, sushi platters, pulled pork buns, etc. We also shopped a lot for pasalubongs for the Aberions. Finally, I found Ecco slippers that would provide lots of support for my feet.  Actually, I have been limited to only a couple of hours of walking a day due to pain that grows on my left heel as the day wears on.

baked beef lasagna at home
Filipino breakfast at home
But the highlights of Krishna’s stay were four-fold. First was the Rose and Crown Bar in downtown Calgary with Arnold, Jamie and his friends on Saturday evening. They came home at 3 am! Oh the parties of the happy-go-lucky! The second is the hair coloring session today courtesy of Rath, Claudine’s friend and expert hair stylist. What an educational send-off for Krishna. I wanted to get mine colored burgundy and I probably could have but Bill was not impressed by the idea – at all. Then, of course, there was baby-sitting Kai. And lastly, there was the $6,000 massage chair where she spent many an hour.

Krishna at the Calgary Viewpoint
Krishna lounging at the special massage chair
Tomorrow morning we leave early for the 11-hour drive to Seattle, the registration of our new car, the final send-off of Krishna and the 17th birthday party of Yeye, the visit to the new home of the Zderics in Bremerton on Puget Sound, and our 5th Anniversary Dinner at the Madison Park Conservatory.