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Sunday, November 10, 2013

WOW: Choosing Club Memberships for Social Growth

our little orange tree is ready for the picking!
view from one of the clubhouses
Much has been said about the fifty clubs available for memberships at Viewpoint RV Golf and Tennis Resort. Even with the 45+ concerts, dances, dinners, and other special events, it seems that the seniors in this age qualified resort still have time to spare! I also still have time to spare from the writing, editing, and marketing of my book and the cooking, washing clothes, and washing dishes. I have sorely missed the busy social life I had in the Philippines and hope that memberships in these different clubs that suit my interests will bring about new friendships to go back to winter after winter.
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After studying the roster of clubs that were described in a Viewpoint Residents’ Package I chose those that fit my interests and balanced intellectual, creative, and physical exercises. Then I called the club leaders to book my memberships through the land lines provided each resident. It is so easy to call the 4-digit number, actually your site number, # 5520 for us, as a local. This also serves as the last four digits of the land line number of each site, with the prefix being the first 3 digits of the campground’s phone number with the area code of 480.

Here are my choices and schedule thus far, unless I opt out of one or another club entices me to join:

MONDAY, 9:30 AM                                                                                                      BOOK CLUB
The Book Club has a list of 16 books to tackle during weekly meetings. Each member is assigned one to lead the discussion. I am told that the discussions are vibrant.

MONDAY, 1-3:30 PM (November through March)                                                    WRITING CLUB
the writing club

The Writing Club is a writing session of two parts{ 1) a sharing of the writing assignment of 500 words  centered on a keyword that is given as homework and 2) a writing exercise in class for ten minutes, also centered on another keyword.  A collection of the best writing crafted is published at the end..

TUESDAY AND THURSDAY AM, 8:30 AM (starting January)                                       YOGA CLUB

WEDNESDAY, 9 AM                                                                                               SCRABBLE CLUB
I am addicted to Word games; I spend many hours in Words with Friends on my smart phone. The Scrabble Club enables me to play face-to-face with new friends.

WEDNESDAY, 5:30 PM                                                                POKER CLUB, TEXAS HOLD’EM
There is another group, Poker Dealer’s Choice, but I like the simplicity of Texas Hold ’Em. You IIInly lose the entrance fee of $10 and hope to play as long as you can with it.

THURSDAY, 9:30 AM                                                                                                   TENNIS CLUB
Our grandkids, Yeye in Seattle and Devin and Cassie in Denver, are keen on tennis and I am enthralled by the sport so much that I follow all the majors.  Therefore, I decided to give it a try in this Tennis Resort. Well, I have a modest goal: enter at Level 1.5 and hope to advance to 2.0 in three years! If I don’t make it, there is its sister, pickle ball, to pursue! And this Resort has 6 courts for pickle ball and 10 for tennis.

THURSDAY, 6:30 PM (starting January)                                  COUPLES COUNTRY DANCE CLUB

FRIDAY, 6 PM                                                                                                         KARAOKE CLUB
I love singing, I mean performing! So I love it when campgrounds have this activity!

SATURDAY, 6:30 PM                                                                          BRIDGE for COUPLES CLUB

my view from the treadmill, the pool
Actually, there is also a Mahjong Club but they play it differently here than I am used to. Hopefully, Bill will join me in Tennis because everything is played in doubles (unless he really prefers pickle ball or chooses golf instead) and the Dance and Bridge Clubs. But my day will try to include a trip to the Fitness Center where I burn at least 150 calories, reach a heart rate of at least 128 beats per minute, or complete at least 1.5 miles, whichever comes first. On Tuesday nights Bill and I can go to the dinners and concerts and, starting January, special Tributes to singing greats and the special events on weekends.

our block, #5500
first campfire on the 5500 block
Finally, our street (# 5500) is now full with all the RVs that regularly come during winter. We are the new kids on the block. The couple that used to occupy our site has bought a park model home on the same street. This block is very active, has several Carols and Bonnies and Bills. On our second week Bud and Bonnie on Site # 5514 hosted a welcome campfire dinner of burgers, potatoes and salads. In return, I have invited them to my birthday on November 25 when I will serve fresh lumpia and pancit bihon!

Hopefully, there will absolutely be no room for boredom in this Viewpoint RV Golf and Tennis Resort!


  1. Looks like plenty to keep you occupied! But the morning activities seem to conflict with your gym time?

  2. Looks like plenty to keep you busy. Do they conflict with your workout?


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