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Sunday, December 1, 2013

WOW: Turning 65!

our street Thanksgiving Party!
how Bill sees me @ 65!Add caption
I had a party! And the outpouring of greetings, cards, and gifts, on FB, snail mail, phone, skype, and personal, was such that my entry into the age of wisdom (?) felt infinitely glorious! I have a good label for myself as I cross this lovely decade…sexygenarian, being sexy in the 60s! Kidding aside, my first half into this decade has given me so many significant events; marrying Bill, becoming a US citizen, and then becoming a dual citizen, completing our north American cruise in an RV, and completing a manuscript for a book. As a result, I am enjoying several 'sexy' benefits.

First, I am now receiving double social security benefits from both the Philippines and the US! Never mind that the Philippine counterpart, even if I worked there for more than 30 years and in the US for just a year, is a mere 10% of the total! But the credit all goes to Bill, without whom the security of old age, both emotionally and financially, would not have been there. Second, I am already receiving Medicare benefits as of Nov. 1. Together with a supplemental plan for only a little over $100 a month, all my healthcare costs will be sufficiently covered and that makes me feel reasonably secure that I will have a longer, healthier life.

Best of both Worlds
But the best is that I enjoy being connected to both countries: both types of geography, island and continental, both kinds of history, young and old, both genres of systems, developmental and advanced, both sets of culture, eastern and western, and both groups of friends,  boisterous/clannish and quiet/private .  As they say, I now have the best of both worlds! And I feel truly blessed. Hopefully, the link will make me richer in content and fuller in ministries.

punctal plug insertion
But I must admit, this first half of my 60s was not all sunshine and roses. I began to feel old at 62 when my first health issues appeared. In fact, I say I have been overhauled! I now carry cards for intraoptical lenses in my eyes after the cataract surgery. Now, even punctual plugs have just been inserted into both of my eyes to prevent the drainage of tears into the lacrimal canal, keeping the eyes moist for a longer time. This is an antidote to dry eyes caused by dry environment, age, or continued use of certain medication, all three present in my case. And my chronic hives, GERD, and hypothyroidism are being largely controlled. Our stay in Phoenix is proving very beneficial.  So nobody tell me I am beginning to look it! I certainly don’t feel it anymore with this resurgence brought about by pure plain passivity!

my street birthday party!
scotland's Guthrie Castle
I am now so excited about what I see for the second half of this decade and even beyond. I am poised to have my first book published next year! We also begin our European exploration and hopefully by the end of the decade begin other continents. And so another book may be in the offing! By then we will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Certainly, we would already have begun serious payback efforts, too. Finally, my youngest daughter is getting married at a Scottish castle in July 2014 and so I hope to play with my last grandkid(s) soon. I may even have a great grandchild as my first apo turns 22!

So who’s afraid of turning 65? Not me.  Come join my party! And right after my birthday is always Thanksgiving. Our block again had a street party. Carolyn and Mel grilled the turkey while we all brought our favorite side dishes! 


  1. Looks like you are in a good party place! Hope you can resolve all your health issues

    1. Yes, we are in a party place. Health issues are largely controlled! Thanks.


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