Carolina: Cruising Past 70: Wonderings on Wanderings: Finishing Round 1 Edit Revisions

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wonderings on Wanderings: Finishing Round 1 Edit Revisions

42. Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone
Well, I have finally submitted to my editor my new draft of the book for Round 2 editing. It took me 7 weeks and the draft has been made concise by 25 pages! Yes, I believe I have cut down the fat. The book is now just 155 pages with even more stories!

My editor says Round 2, copy edit, will take longer. It took her 4 weeks for Round 1, developmental edit. I hope she only takes 5 weeks this time so I will have the second half of April to complete the final draft for submission to the publisher.

In the meantime I have begun the process of digging from about 1,000 photos published in my blog posts (from about 10,000 we have on external drives) the candidates for inclusion in the book. Here are three candidates for each chapter. Please help me select the best photos by including the number of the photo in your comment. The one that gets the highest votes will be the cover photo and the top one in each chapter will be the chapter intro photo. Thanks lots!

Candidates for Chapter 1
13. Star in the Desert
Towards a Cruising Lifestyle                                                                               
11. Carol, the Corporate Executive

12. Our Cruise Ship Wedding

21. Arctic Circle
22. Me and Vino
Candidates for Chapter 2
From the Arctic Circle to the Tropic of Cancer      

23. Mazatlan, Mexico

31. Deer at Daybreak at our campsite
32. Our New Home
Candidates for Chapter 3 
Buying a Bigger Home

33. Mabry Mill, most photographed part of the Blue Ridge Parkway

41. Grand Tetons
43. Citizen Carol
Candidates for Chapter 4 
Becoming a Citizen  

51. Mt. Rushmore
53. a Heart Attack
Candidates for Chapter 5 
Getting Scared
52. Arthroscopic Surgery

61. with Liberty Bell
62.  at Times Square
Candidates for Chapter 6 
An Intense American Education                                                                    

63. the Thanksgiving pumpkin

71.  a Pimple in Montreal
72. Carol's Surgery
Candidates for Chapter 7 
4th Cross-Country Run

73. Find me at the Cadillac Ranch
81. Forgetting her Cowboy
Candidates for Chapter 8 
82.  Forgetting Marilyn
Making Decisions
83. Choosing Phoenix

91. Carol, the wife

Candidates for
92. Carol, a Filipino-American
Chapter 9 
A New Cruising Lifestyle and Carol       

93. Happy Bill
There are also 4 appendices and 6 cross-country maps that I have to produce for inclusion in the book. I have not found the best mapping software to use. Hopefully, I find the software soon so I can complete these by April 15. If you know of a good one, please do not hesitate to post a comment, too!

While my editor is doing copy editing, I am also comparing several publishing houses to find out which one provides best value from several angles: technical production, business value, distribution reach, and editorial value-add. My target is to be able to select by April 30, when I also complete the final draft.