Carolina: Cruising Past 70: Our Lifestyle Adventures: Getting Married in a Scottish Castle

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our Lifestyle Adventures: Getting Married in a Scottish Castle

Me and my fascinator and Bill with his kilt
beautiful bride-to-be at her bachelorette Party
in Guthrie Castle's  Drawing Room
This is the full text of my speech as mother-of-the-bride at my daughter April's wedding to Clint at the Guthrie Castle in Scotland on July 2, 2014:

Thank you all for coming from as far as the US, Asia, and the UK to join us in this fairy tale wedding in a castle of dreams where a handsome prince charming gave away his entire kingdom to his beloved. He chose a princess so deserving. What mother would not be proud of a daughter who has never been arrested, who did not get hooked on drugs, or who did not choose a-go-go dancing as a profession?
parents of the bride, Carol and Noel,
walking the beaming bride to the altar!

Jingjing and Bill as godparents
This little scrawny nerd of a girl has turned into a beautiful woman. My baby you have such a pretty face with glowing skin made even lovelier with a tiny hint of make-up and crowned by long shiny dark brown perfectly flowing hair. Even your elegant ivory Pronovias gown in classic mermaid shape fits your lovely figure to a T. You are the breathtaking belle of the ball and the envy of this royal court! Guys look at me when I say this. And you can take a peek at April’s two sisters Trisha and Claudine too…may pinagmanahan naman di ba?

Ann and Bill as godparents
Kidding aside, I am extra proud, my little April, that you have become a professional whom many depend upon wherever you are assigned in the world. I remember feeling the same as your high school’s PTA President sitting in the front row of the auditorium. All of a sudden you emerged from the back, moved to the front and sang solo as the rest of the choir accompanied you. Since then you have amazed the world with talents galore that you have even learned to be the best cook Clint will ever need! 
bride signing the document
But what I am most proud of is that you have become not only a woman of faith but a woman of compassion. That you give time and money for the less fortunate in your long service at Gawad Kalinga and go to great lengths to help victims of Philippine calamities like Haiyan is short of legendary. My baby, you have made such excellent life choices that you now have financial independence, emotional maturity, and moral fortitude.
the family of the bride

Undoubtedly, the most important choice for anyone to make is that of a life partner. This choice is the bedrock of a happy and prosperous family for generations to come. You waited so long for the man of your dreams. I was so afraid you were going to miss the boat and stay single. You have been so picky that it seemed no man could be good enough for you. Clint, there is no truth to the rumor that she is getting married because she was just running out of time.  
April's magical wedding to Clint  at the Guthrie Castle in Scotland

You clearly swept her off her feet at the precise time when she was about to slip away from the Philippines. I have not met you in person until yesterday and I was afraid I was not going to like the TV star and the most eligible bachelor sought by many girls. But I liked you instantly: tall, handsome, and huggable. You have been a perfect gentleman to all of us here in Guthrie, attending to our every need and fancy. You seem to have become a Scottish braveheart, ready to give it all. 
April with her Moms, Gilda and Carol

It is awesome that you share so many interests, basketball, singing, dancing, travel, and food and dream the same dreams, earn just enough to raise a small family then give back to the world. And it is quite obvious that you not only love April, but that you worship her. You gave up your comfortable life in the Philippines to follow her here, quickly established yourself and flourished so well your kingdom grew to make her a princess.

We know you will make her happy not only today but ever after. For your family and friends…welcome to our crazy little family. Thank you so much Mommy Gilda for bringing up such a fine son! I am sure your husband is looking at you, your son, and his siblings beaming with heavenly pride.

delivering my mother-of-the-bride speech
Clint and April, since we are mostly Filipinos, please remember one of our most popular sayings…Ang pagaasawa ay hind parang kanin na pag napaso ay basta na lang iniluluwa. And let me add my own spin to that…Ang pagmamahalan ay ninanamnam at binubuo araw araw, sa hirap at ginhawa. Be friends, be partners, but, most of all be passionate lovers. And, on that note, I end with this Scottish plea:  Oh please hurry up, make me a granny in Scotland so I can be a nanny in England!
beautiful baby bride