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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Lifestyle Adventures: Celebrating a Local and Extended Valentine's Day!

Our Valentine's Dinner at Seafood Market
Because we travel a lot, we have celebrated Valentine’s Day in different cities: Scottsdale, Kent, Miami, Seattle, and Orlando. We try to make every year different, not just in location but also in character. This year it is local and extended. It is local because we confined ourselves inside the boundaries of Mesa, where our Resort is located. Extended because we celebrated it for four days!

the night with Streisand's songs and wine
On February 11, we had a Tennis Team Valentine’s Party at the Upper Patio of Viewpoint’s North Point Clubhouse. It was a night of burgers and dogs and sweet Valentine’s brownies with little hearts. On the 12th we watched a Tribute to Barbara Streisand called “Memories” at the Viewpoint Ballroom in Clubhouse Number 1. Sara Owens looked, played, and sang the part. Her act is amazing! It was a night of love songs and wine which we spent with our neighbor-friends.

my two-tone roses
the smallest box of chocolates
On Friday the 13th, we did not go anywhere but it was the day Bill came up with those conflicted roses. I love yellow roses but this time Bill found yellow roses whose petal tips have turned red! He tried to satisfy my longing for the color yellow and yet include his Valentine’s message of love! Then, knowing my determined avoidance for chocolates, he also gave me the smallest box of chocolates he could find. It cost only $1.25 and contained four small pieces of chocolates: with coconut, cream, caramel, and milk. To me it meant “I love you lots!” Best was the card that read “I’ve got you and you’ve got me. I win!”
front of the card

inside of the card

On the day itself, as soon as we woke up, we went to the Mesa branch of IHOP. Bill had eggs, sausage, and pancakes while I had two crepes florentine. We had been having steak dinners: for my birthday in November and Christmas and New Year dinners. This time he let me choose what I wanted: seafood! Coming from an archipelago of 7,107 islands, I have sorely missed this in our desert country. So days before February 14, we surveyed the land and visited and inspected the menus of four restaurants: 1) Joe’s Crab Shack, 2) Red Lobster, 3) Angry Crab Shack, 4) Seafood Market, and 5) Pacific Seafood Buffet. 1, 3, and 5 are not really romantic places. Red Lobster did not entertain reservations.

breakfast at IHOP
We dressed up for the occasion and went to Vigil Mass at Holy Cross Catholic Church. After mass, we drove to Seafood Market. The restaurant is known for fresh seafood. Previously frozen selections had a lower price on the menu. Bill had grilled swordfish while I ordered surf and turf, top sirloin medium rare and King crab legs, paired with red and white wines. I finally found out the difference between Dungeness, snow, and King crabs, or sweetest, smallest and flakiest, to sweet, biggest, and firmest. I loved Dungeness crabs before because they are most similar to the alimango/alimasag in the Philippines. But after this dinner, I will now stick to King crabs. They have very fleshy meat portions!

I loved this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. And I thank only one person for that: romantic Bill!

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