Carolina: Cruising Past 70: Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream, a Travel Book

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream, a Travel Book

first shipment to the Philippines
It was no surprise to many of my friends that by the time I turned fifty-four I needed a HUGE change and immigrated to America where two of my children made their homes.  

In the Philippines, I had been President and CEO of BayanTrade, Managing Director of SAP Philippines, Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, General Manager of MegaLink and Vice-President of the Development Academy of the Philippines. But all these came at a hefty price. It meant working hard, pursuing graduate degrees, and being active in professional organizations—things I deemed necessary to stay on top. My marriage fell apart and, as a single working parent, the inevitable burnout happened.  

In America, I took a LONG break. For two years, I was happy taking care of grandkids and cooking for the family until the driven life got me again. Soon I began to teach at two colleges and a university and volunteered as a SCORE small business counselor. In 2007, I met a new knight in shining armor, an American businessman named Bill. We wed on a cruise ship on 8/8/08 and drove an RV to forty-nine American states, nine Canadian provinces, and six Mexican states for the next five years. Two years into our travels, I started a travel blog. Two years ago, a book was born.

Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream is a dream come true. The back cover says: “Colborn offers fascinating facts about irresistible places, surprising insights about unique encounters, and useful guides borne out of their experience…discovering America from within the cozy confines of an RV with lessons that came as fast as scenes changed. She not only learned how to be a wife without losing her identity and to be an American without losing her roots.” One of the reviews of the book on the online retail websites reads:

“…a fitting ode to the RV lifestyle–a lifestyle that few people dare to lead and a pipe dream for many Americans. It is also a telling of the author’s inner journey. While vicariously navigating from one fascinating place to another, picking up interesting facts about America’s noble past and exciting prospects, readers get a glimpse of how the Colborns transitioned from the driven life to the more laid-back RVing mode. The subplot involving the ups and downs of a (biracial) marriage seamlessly weaves itself into the chapters and makes this a travel book like no other.”

Whether you want to learn how to roam America in an RV, be inspired by the transformative power of travel or be entertained, you will get something from the book. Experience the dream with me and grab a softcover or an e-book in Kindle, Nook, ePub, mobi, or PDF formats. Find out more details about the book, especially about the Pre-Launch discounts, at my website or my blog. Softcover and e-book formats (Kindle, Nook, ePub, mobi or PDF) are now available at any of these online retailers: iUniverseBookstoreAmazon, and Barnes & Noble. 

Better yet, engage me in a discussion about cruising in an RV, retirement, immigration, biracial marriages, or dual citizenship at launches near you! The US Book Launch will be at the Kent Activity Center, 600 East Smith in Kent, Washington at 3 pm, June 13, 2015. The Philippine Book Launch will be at the Fully Booked Bookstore, B6 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City at 3 pm on June 27, 2015. Other launches planned are in Calgary, Phoenix, and London. 

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