Carolina: Cruising Past 70: Our Lifestyle Adventures: Combining Travel with the Book Tour

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our Lifestyle Adventures: Combining Travel with the Book Tour

Bamboo Forest at the Seattle Center, downtown Seattle, Washington
It may be hectic but combining the book tour with travel through five states in the United States and two provinces in Canada makes it doubly exciting! 

the signing at Kent Activity Center, Kent, Washington
The USA Launch was held at 3 pm, June 13, 2015, Kent Activity Center, 600 East Smith, Kent, Washington.  That was preceded by some presence at the Opening Ceremonies of Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival, a celebration of the 117th Philippine Independence Day at Seattle Center on June 6. Then on June 11, we held a presentation at the Filipinos@Microsoft Annual Independence Day Celebration at the Microsoft Office Complex in Redmond, Washington.

Malaysian Cuisine at Malay Satay Hut, Redmond, Washington
As a traveler, of course, we found some interesting sights around Seattle (please see my previous post), especially Mt. Rainier that chose to peek at us during several sunny and clear days. At the Seattle Center, I also found a spellbinding new architecture, the Bamboo Forest! And we sampled excellent international cuisine Seattle is known for with friends at a downtown Chinese restaurant, New Star, at a Redmond Malaysian restaurant Malay Satay Hut. I even learned about Geoduck, native to the west coast of North America, one of the largest clams in the world, and one of the longest-lived animals of any type.

The book Carolina: cruising to an American Dream is targeted at travelers in general and RVers in particular. But Filipinos, whether in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world, will get a major kick out of the unusual travels of a compatriot in her sixties. They will probably also like the story of her transformation from a relatively well-known former jet-setting Filipina executive to a wanderer, writer and wife in a foreign land. They may also appreciate her musings about the similarities and differences between the Philippines and America.

amazing Pico de Loro in Batangas, Philippines
That is why the launch the Philippines is special. There is a total of twelve events in the twelve days Bill and I will be in Manila: five speaking engagements and TV/radio shows and seven parties/reunions, and one official launch. I am just glad that in those hectic two weeks, we will have two travel Sundays. One is dedicated to a beach getaway at the internationally famous Pico de Loro (I write about this next week) in the province of Batangas, south of Manila. And everyone knows by now that the Philippines is known for some of the best beaches in the world! The next Sunday will be devoted to a road trip, stopping at various destinations and eating at famous food stops, around the largest lake in the biggest island of this 7.107-island archipelago. The lake is called Laguna Lake.

Puget Sound in Washington
After coming back from the Philippines, we go on another road trip! First we stop to visit the Sundbys in Olympia, Washington, south of Seattle. We will also spend some time with the Zderics at their home in Bremerton, Washington right on the Puget Sound. Fred and Bill will probably go boating and fishing. Then we cross the border to stop by the Maskiws in Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada for a night and visit the Goss family in Kelowna the following night. 

venues for the Calgary Stampede
After this part of the road trip, we proceed to Calgary, Alberta, Canada for my family’s reunion around the internationally famous Calgary Stampede, “The Largest Outdoor Show on Earth.” Hopefully, we can manage a simple Canadian Family Launch. While there, we also hope to drive up to Red Deer to see the Kuefflers. From Canada, we will drive to visit the Bousheles at their Montana cabin. Then we go to Boise, Idaho for several days with Bill’s son Jim. Only then can we take the leisurely drive home to the Phoenix desert. This summer we will test if we can stand the sizzle. 

Hopefully, even if we are distracted by our travel instincts, the tour is successful enough to launch my book and that others, not just be family and friends, will buy a few copies!

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