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Monday, August 22, 2011

OLA: Standing at the Crossroads of America 2

a dinosaur 's tail crashes into a building wall at The Children's Museum!
The third definition of a crossroad is this: a place where many roads intersect. And that is Indiana, the Crossroads of America! All intersecting at Indianapolis are four major interstate highways, more than any other American city: I 65, I 69, I 70, and I 74.  If you look at the map, Indiana literally looks like a cobweb! But this is not the only reason why many roads intersect in the state. The Indiana Motor Speedway draws thousands of motorists to the Indy 500 in this, the Racing Capital of the World!

Indiana Motor Speedway @ Racing Capital of the World
Last year we were at the other popular speedway, the Daytona 400 in the northeastern coast of Florida. There, obviously newer, even the colorful seats are an attraction. But this one in Speedway, Indiana, an Indianapolis burb, was founded in 1090 and is the country’s oldest racing institution. It is host to the 500-mile Indy 500. Another favorite, NASCAR’s Brickyard 40, was scheduled that weekend, probably why there was a long row of Corvettes in every color parked in front of the Museum.
row of Corvettes in different colors in front of
Indiana Motor Speedway Racing Capital Museum

At the corner of Gliceratops and Triceratops Avenues (make-believe streets in downtown Indianapolis) is the top-ranked Children’s Museum. I was startled by a huge dinosaur coming out of a building wall and another whose head is going into the top floor of an adjacent buiilding! I took as many photos as I can for my 5-year old grandson Enzo who lives in Calgary, Alberta. Through the city center is a copy of the San Antonio River Walk, Canal Walk. Although not as beautiful, it is still a very relaxing place to be.
a covered bridge in Eunochsburg
tree at the Greensburg courthouse tower
Iowa beat Indiana in that two of its covered bridges were featured in the movie, The Bridges of Madison County. But with almost 40 covered bridges around the state, it is considered to be the Covered Bridges Capital of the World! One of them is only 10 miles away at Eunochsburg, one of 3 old German towns we visited. Not far is Greensburg where a tree is growing out of the tower of its courthouse! And also only ten minutes away is Oldenburg, an old town called the Village of the Spires, has a self-sufficient convent of the Sister of St. Francis founded in 1851.
three of the village spires in Oldenburg
water slide at the flea market in Indian Lakes Resort
With Bill’s knee surgery, however, most of the time we simply relaxed in our campground in Batesville, Indiana. Luckily, the Indian Lakes Resort, off I 74, is a very nice place to be. It has a 9-hole golf course, private sites for more than 200 families, a large lake with plenty of water activities, a large clubhouse with pool and spa, a great adult lodge, a teen center, a large restaurant/general store/gas station, and lots of activities. During one of the weekends we were there, there was even a special Open House with a flea market, concerts, free movies with free popcorn, car show, golf carts contest, a water slide, etc. 
vintage RVs in front of the campground

There was even an RV dealer in front of the campground that had vintage 1940 trailers! And about a mile east was a cool little Junkyard Art Home!  And we began making friends again, in this state where many roads intersect, east meets west, old meets new, and junk meets art.  It is also where many people meet and make new friends like Karl & Pat Klein and Woody & Donna Caudill!
junkyard art home near the campground


  1. I didn't get the chance to comment on your last post. Sorry. It was a good one too. I love the dinosaur coming through the wall of the museum. Inventive minds thought of that. How is your husband feeling. Much better, I hope.

  2. It's ok, Emma! Thanks for the compliment and the concern, Bill is doing fine but is eagerly awaiting the chance to be able to swim again (mostly because of the 2 incision sounds).

  3. tne "junkyard" looks like a collection of unique yard art. It would be intereating slearn more of the Franciscans in Oldenburg. Thanks for keeping life interesting.

  4. I will feature it in an album on our FB for it there!

  5. Carol, if you can share of the dinosaur you took for Enzo, Noelle will be very thrilled! She is intrigued with this animal....:)

  6. Ann, I didn't know! Does she do email??? I can send her all the dino pics I have collected for Enzo!

  7. Wow!! Those are the wonderful pictures!! Thank you for sharing them.


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