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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Lifestyle Adventures: Traveling to Oslo!

the Jumbo Nose of the 747 that took us to London Heathrow
approaching Oslo,Norway
We left camp on May 16 and took the motorhome to Camping World in Mesa where it will stay for certain repairs and updates until Bill returns on July 12. I will be remaining in my daughter’s home in Newcastle, England until August 10 for some bonding time. After all the discussions with the service engineers at Camping World, we checked in at our hotel near the Sky Harbor International Airport. Dinner that night was a big BBQ brisket dinner which we shared. We didn’t realize we had missed the dish for such a long time. It was to be the start of our one-great-meal-a-day on this our European Swing.

with the Zderics at Thirteen Coins
near the SeaTac International Airport
Our flight to Oslo began at 8 am on Saturday, May 17 (which meant getting up at 4:30!). Luckily, we had a six hour layover at the SeaTac International Airport. Our friends Irene and Fred picked us up soon after our landing of 11:30 am and we headed for the upscale Thirteen Coins restaurant very near the airport. We sat at the prime seats at the counter where their chefs had a continuing show of culinary expertise. Bill had been savoring Steak Sinatra in his mind as soon as he heard that was where we were having lunch.  The four medallions of steak prepared a special way was a good lunch for two, especially with the spaghetti and extra side order of sautéed mushrooms.
Trisha, Yeye, and Kenji seeing us off at SeaTac International Airport

At 3:00 pm, Deejay, Trisha, Yeye, and Kenji picked us up from Thirteen Coins and we all went for dessert and coffee at Cheesecake Factory some ten minutes away at the South Center’s Westfield Mall. I last saw them from January through March last year so it has been more than a year! Trisha has changed jobs, Yeye is graduating from high school in a month, and Kenji has written a book! We had all sorts of cheesecake, throwing caution to the wind, and all kinds of hugs, feeling all sorts of love in the air. At 5:30 pm we were back at the airport for our flight at 6:45.

the British Welcome at Heathrow
And, surprise of all surprises, British Airways served us a pretty good chicken curry though quite a small portion which was just right since we were getting no exercise. There were lots of movies for our independent screens but they were mostly the Oscar Best Picture nominees we had seen at our 2014 Oscar Movie Marathon. I slept a wink after dinner and turned to writing instead after waking up an hour or so later. I really can’t sleep in such a cramped space sitting up. So this post got finished and the outline of my next book got mapped up! Then I rewarded myself with ‘Mandela’s Walk to Freedom.’ An hour before touchdown at Heathrow, we had our ‘not so good’ breakfast.

Heathrow Terminal 5
At 12 noon of May 18, we arrived at the London Heathrow International Airport with a layover of five hours. That is just right because the airport is HUGE and always terribly busy. More time between flights gives you enough to find your new terminal, not get frazzled, and find a great place to eat. As a matter of fact, to get to our connection, we had to go through another security check which took a long time because my Benadryl Lotion was 3 ml. more than the max allowed. We had to look for the airport pharmacy and buy substitutes which I hope will work as stress brings out my hives! We settled ourselves at the Huxleys English Restaurant and Bar to wait for our last leg to Oslo. Still full from the big lunch and dessert in Seattle and despite the meager food served by the airline, we just had soup and salad...and ice cream!

At 9:00 pm, we arrived at the Oslo Airport still in daylight. We took the Airport Express Train which got us to the Central Station in about 15 mnutes. A short cab ride brought us to the Anker Hostel. Yes, we are staying at a hostel. Lest you are horrified, I found out that such hostels have a few private double rooms with its own bathroom. During my research, I found this to be the most inexpensive hotel right at the city centre, where most popular hostels usually are. This will ensure us of proximity to the Metro or bus station for easy access to the ten attractions we want to see. But I guess this will be the last time we stay at one!

My next book is about Traveling Well, Inexpensively, testing my skills in balancing enjoyment and cost.  As a matter of fact, our flight was paid for through air miles with Alaska Air, collected by Bill through years of traveling and doing business. Aside from flying smartly, we just discovered how to have great meals every day at half price...shared each one. Hopefully, we will also have a good night’s rest because our 2014 European Swing starts tomorrow!


  1. Long trip! Difficult to do as you get older isn't it? I've flown British Air before and always found the food good and certainly all I wanted, especially since you spend a lot of hours just sitting and sleeping and watching movies or reading! Have a great trip. Oh, some nice pics too.

    1. Thanks...hopefully we will not only survive it but enjoy tremendously!


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