Carolina: Cruising Past 70: Our Lifestyle Adventures: Spending a Week in Seattle; Going Home to Phoenix

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Lifestyle Adventures: Spending a Week in Seattle; Going Home to Phoenix

Finally a real dinner date @ the Outback Steak House
@SushiLand with Krishna and Yeye
“They say the only people who truly know your story are the ones that help you write it.”  Since I had missed our anniversary already anyway, I extended my stay for a week to revisit these co-authors, family and friends who were part of the Seattle beginnings of the second chapter in my life.

First was a dinner with my granddaughters Yeye, the debutante, and her big sister Krishna who was visiting from Santa Monica, California. After some shopping at the mall, we went to have some sushi at SushiLand, Krishna’s favorite place. Not satisfied, the following night we went to another sushi place, Genki, with their Mom in tow. I also got the opportunity to bring Kenji to his tennis class. Another day I took him to the Family Fun Center for some games, prizes, and food. This is the family that co-wrote the start of the second chapter of the rest of my life.

bringing Kenji to tennis practice
with Irene and Tita @ Paolo's
As far as special friends in my Seattle beginnings, I was lucky they were also around. Irene and Tita, friends from the Filipino-American Association of St. John the Baptist Parish Church in Kent, came to have dinner with me one night at  Paolo’s Italian Restaurant very near the house. Fides and Benjie of I/ACT days took me to Seafood City for some good old Filipino food at Grill City and halo-halo at Chow King. Then my “Estrogen Club”, the name Bill gave our group of ladies who met at the Kent Evening Toastmasters Club and continued our friendship outside of Toastmasters, also came together to have a special lunch at Banyan Tree at Kent Station. We all had lots of reminiscing to do.

with Estrogen Club @ Banyan Tree, Kent Station
halo-halo with Fides
I also got to cook for the family, Filipino breakfasts of tocino, longganisa,  daing na bangus,  and tinapang bangus, all with fried rice and eggs, and good old champorado and ensaymada and hot chocolate. I also served some bulalo and beef lasagna for dinner, both requests of Yeye.  And when Krishna had to leave for Cali, we had a small dimsum dinner despedida for her. Then Mom and Daughter had some special bonding time at Scotch and Vine, talking about life.

@ Phoenix airport
Finally, I also had to leave to return to Phoenix. An hour before midnight Aug. 19, I arrived in Phoenix from Seattle. After over 2 1/2 months in Europe and 9 days in Seattle, I hugged Bill and, of course, he had lovely flowers for me! 

flowers for me!
What is more...he had a new 39 inch TV to replace our old 28 inch one!!! And we had our real anniversary dinner date @ Outback and a "Dawn of the Planer of the Apes" movie date. Now I am back to resort living with Bill who is the co-star in this, the second chapter of my life. No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel...until she comes home and rests her head on an old familiar shoulder.